I am starting this blog to let people see how a young woman like myself lives her life as a young mother of a two yr old girl with one on the way. This is the story of how I strive for success for my girls and myself.

Monday, January 31, 2011

Our new life(=

well everyone, miss Kaylee Lynn was born on Jan. 2 shes alomost a month old.(: We absolutely adore our new family addition shes such a daddy's girl and her big sister has adjusted extremely well, she is very loving with her. Mylee has recent got into the "i just want.." phase and we have been dealing with that. Kaylee is already growing very fast she is already trying to roll on her tummy a lot. She loves to sleep on her belly 'cause daddy always gets her to fall asleep on her chest. (:

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Update Update with new baby girl Kaylee

Well im a now 36 weeks as of yesterday. Im now taken off work(: and im dailated to 1 so hopefully this speeds along and we can welcome baby Kaylee soon!! (: Mylee is very excited to be a big sister and is very anxious to meet her and play lil' piggies with her toes

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Just because..

Well here I am sitting here with Mylee and I can't believe how fast she is growing! I love how playful she is and we have such fun being silly together. Here lately her imagination has been growing and she's playing pretend a lot more i.e. She will sit and make car noises pretending to drive and she'll say "love you mommy i have to go to work I will see you for dinner. k?" She also has recently introduced me to her imaginary puppy Blues. (: He's only the size of her hand and i think he likes to sleep a lot because shes always putting him to bed. haha. She's also getting into dancing and singing more i had to make her a couple of cd's so she could occupy herself. Well thats all for now heres a video i uploaded of us singing Miranda Lambert "white liar" it's her favorite song (:

Monday, December 6, 2010

Let's talk Mylee! :D

My how she's grown! My little girl is 2 and very sassy people say she gets it from her mama, I can't say i disagree. haha. She is a very smart little girl. She has a very strong vocabulary for a 2 year old. I'm very excited for her to start school next fall. She has been potty trained since august and its gone pretty well. Mylee is very excited to meet her baby sister Kaylee Rio very very soon. We all are. Mylee is definitely a lover, but i will say when she says no she means it. LOL. She's a Grandma's girl as well as mommy's. She loves to be silly with her Grandma, they are too ridiculous together. Grandma absolutely adores her calls her "one of a kind" no arguement there. haha. She loves to argue and play a lot, but she does what she's wants when she wants to do it. She is very independent and seems to think she's the boss well if u would like to know more about Miss Mylee just ask! (:

just pondering

Well here I am thinking "WOW!"  where has the time gone? Mylee is now 2 and a half and this will be her 3rd Christmas!! I am very excited about the fact the she can enjoy it a lot more we are gonna go get gingerbread houses soon and make sugar cookies! (: Expecting another little girl soon is also very wow factor to me as well. I've come a long way though and I know a lot of people doubted me being a young mother, but i proved them all very wrong for their judgements and that let me tell you makes it a little more worth it. It always nice to see people swallow their words. haha. I'm not going to say being a young single mother is easy or glamorous because truthfully it's not. I have come against some really though times, but I kept my head held high and made it through for my family because in the end if im not strong for them who else is going to do it. I came into this with the mind set being I and only I want to be the one to take credit for how my child, and soon to be children, turn out to be. I see all these other young girls depending on their mothers to take care of their child and I was not going to be like them. Why should my mother have to take care of Mylee she didn't concieve her it's one thing to ask for help, but it's another to depend on someone else to take on your responsibilites. Well enough of that I hope that shows you a little about the person I am(:

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Let's get started

Okay, well let me start off with a little bit of my past and what has made me who I am today. First let me say if it wasn't for my mother I wouldn't be the woman I am today. Now let's start from me just becoming a freshmen in high school, I was like any normal teenager and I did get caught up in the uproar with marijuana so that was pretty much the main thing I was into. I lived with my grandma at the time and found myself getting into some trouble. I had some issues going on with my family and I was outcasted from them which was hard and one reason I used smoking as an escape. So in the middle of my freshmen year things with my family and I got worse and i was forced to move to Red Bluff with my Tia(aunt). It was a very tough change for me, but it didn't last long my mom and dad split and my mom wanted me back home so I returned. That summer I got my Certified Nurse Aide and began working as a CNA at 16. My sophmore year I got into partying, having a job and not any bills made it a little easier to do so. I ended uo meeting Chris at a party we hooked up nd I was "with" him and my junior year i got pregnant at 17. I was devasted at first but took it as a sign to grow up and change the way I was living for the better and that is what I did. I was fortunate to have already had a job for two years, that really helped. Her father didn't want to be a father and wasn't in the picture. I ended uo meeting someone I feel in love with when Mylee, who was born May 17, 2008, was a few months old we were engaged but he ended up being a different person than the one I fell in love with. Sad to say but this world is gettinng consumed by drugs and he got sucked into that life and we broke it off right after I got pregnant with my second and I didn't have the heart to not keep it so here I am now. I want to inspire other young mothers like me to show that it's not a negative thing and to prove that we can be wonderful young mothers no matter the age. (: I hope you enjoy and are inspired by my story.